Almost everyone you'll meet will know what bingo is. It is one of the best known gambling games for dozens of years now, but it was mostly regarded as a game played by bored old ladies. Why is it that only recently bingo is beginning to receive its respect as a serious and profitable gambling game?

Online casinos have a large part in it. The online casinos have brought bingo into the spotlight by offering a simple, welcoming environment for online gamblers. Most people, although attracted to gambling in general, didn’t play bingo because it was usually played in churches by old church ladies.

Today with online casinos success you can play bingo from the comfort of your own home. You don't have to suffer smoke filled bingo halls and don't have to tolerate smoking prohibiting bingo halls either. You can play bingo in your bathrobe and slippers, sipping a cup of tea.

As soon as bingo became accessible and easy to use like texas hold 'em poker and as fun as baccarat online, it immediately gained a large, loyal crowd of online bingo players. Now it seems that the popularity of bingo can't stop rising. Millions of people are being swept away with the fun of bingo! fun as baccarat online casino games, it immediately regarded as a casino game played by bored old ladies.

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Website Developer Spinnaker Hired to Develop National Bingo Game Association Website

Spinnaker won the rights to develop the website of the National Bingo Game Association which boasts Gala and Mecca as some of their members. Spinnaker won the rights for the website after battling it out with The Workroom.

Britain's Bingo Halls Accommodate Smokers and Non-smokers Amidst Smoking Ban

Britain's Bingo operators are preparing for the smoking ban to be enforced in England and Wales next year. Some operators are installing portable handheld devices to allow customers to continue playing their game during a smoking break.

Orangeville and District Bingo Hall Closes Due to Smoking Ban

The Board members have decided to close the Orangeville and District Bingo Hall due to poor performance. It was a difficult decision for them, knowing that most of the community's charities rely on the money raised at the bingo hall.

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Online Bingo for those Budget Conscious Players


Playing online bingo could not be very expensive if one knows how to spend his money on the game. With the knowledge and experience, one could have a better chance to win without having to spend more money than he can afford to lose.